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 Auto-pay Alternative

  If you have auto-pay set up through Appfolio (SFV's software/ homeowner portal), beginning July 31st all eCheck transactions will incur a $2.49 charge. To avoid these fees, we are offering homeowners the OPTION to pay their dues/assessments for FREE directly through your association's bank. Please scroll down the page for step-by-step video tutorials. 

If you would prefer to mail in your check or send it through your bank please send all payments to:


Association Name

c/o SF Valley Management -6671

PO Box 97174

Las Vegas, NV 89193-7174

Step 1: Set up a new Auto-pay  
(click below to create a portal with your association's bank, select "Set up Account" under New Users )

Step 2: Add your property(s)


The easiest way to add your property is to search by address. After entering the management company ID: 6671 , click on the next text box and a Search by Address button will pop up at the bottom of the page. Click, search and select your address! 


When adding your property please ensure that you input our management company ID which is: 6671 

Your association ID is the first three(3) initials of your community's name.

Your account ID or lockbox ID is located at the bottom of your statement from management. 

Step 3: Add your payment method (bank information)


Step 4: Schedule your payment


This will vary by association, so ensure that you enter the correct amount for your association's dues.

Once the payment is scheduled, you will be emailed a confirmation message that will need your action in order to complete the auto-pay process.  

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